Hallie Brewer is an artist & designer based in Austin, Texas.

Hallie began her career as a graphic designer before earning her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. While attending SAIC, she developed her multidisciplinary art practice, focusing her attention on printmaking and fiber & material studies. It was during this time that she merged her love of design with her interests in craft and technique, which remain a part of her practice today.

With over ten years of professional experience, Hallie has partnered with a variety of brands for projects big and small. She specializes in creative solutions and visual storytelling for clients with ethical and purpose-driven businesses. With each client, her goal is to communicate their unique story with work that’s rooted in clarity, empathy, and purpose. 


Art Direction, Brand Identity, Concept Development, Packaging Design, Illustration, Surface Pattern Design, Film Photography, Art Installation

Artist Statement:

“I’m more interested in the qualitites that bring us together, than those that set us apart. Through my practice I examine ideas of both the natural world around us and the one within the self using reconfigured fragments of places and memories. My approach is a blend of analog and digital design, exploring the visual language of abstraction. My visual vocabulary draws from a wide variety of symbols, personal narratives, mythology and architecture, guided by an ongoing investigation of the concepts of place and belonging.”

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